START at the 2nd International Early Childhood Action Congress

congres-2018-accueil-mobile-enA representative of the START project, Katrien Van Laere from the partner organisation VBJK, will present our project experiences at the 2nd International Early Childhood Action Congress hosted by OECD in June 2018.
The focus theme of the Congress is the transition to schools – providing equity, quality and innovation. In order to fight against inequalities, capitalising on education and promoting a nurturing education via the establishment of an educational continuum is essential.
Based on the latest research in neuroscience, the overall vision of the Congress is to expand knowledge and question the key ingredients of an effective educational continuum benefiting children from birth to school entry. The overall objective is for stakeholders to explore, unite and build a sound consensus on key action points & practices bridging educational policies and on-the-ground methods.
We invite you to watch Katrien Van Laere’s presentation.

START presentation at the EECERA Conference

Arianna Lazzari, Monica Lavini, Eddie McKinnon, Angela Malcolm, Katrien Van Laere and Mateja Režek have cooperated in preparation of the project presentation at the EECERA Conference in Bologna.

The presenters have successfully attracted many participants with the topic of transition, which was discussed from different points of views: from children’s perspectives, the voices of families along with practitioners and teachers.
Congratulations on the well prepared symposium!

Training week in Corby, December 2016

Corby, 12 – 16 December 2016

Partners from all cooperating countries attended a training week in Corby.

The first day we talked about parents being involved in their children’s learning and learned about Pen Green Loop ( a model developed to maximise the dialogue between parents and nursery staff about learning. It provides for a continuous two-way flow of information from nursery to home and from home to nursery. The loop shows the child at the centre).

The next day we discussed pedagogic strategies and parent case studies.

On the third day we visited Pen Green and the local primary schools.

The fourth day was dedicated to an interactive learning session on Action Research methodology in national language groups. We discussed what Action Research is, how and why should we do it. Afterwards, we considered how to apply Action Research in the START project localities and settings.

The last day we consolidated the week’s learning and evaluated the training process.

See our week in the photos below:

Training Corby part 1

Training Corby part 2

Training Corby part 3

Training Corby part 4



Interim meeting in Ghent

Ghent, 22 – 23 June 2017

Foto Ghent

Individuals from all partner organisations gathered in Ghent at the interim meeting which was organized by VBJK.

The first day offered the opportunity for the participants to discuss about the project’s progress and preliminary findings of the Literature Review.

The next day partners worked on preparation of the EECERA/ISSA self-organised symposiums, called Sustaining warm and inclusive transitions across the early years: preliminary findings from the START project. 


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ISSA Conference 2016: Early childhood in the times of rapid change

Villnius, Lithuania, 11th– 13th October 2016

Over 300 professionals and experts gathered in Vilnius, Lithuania between 11 and 13 October 2016 to discuss future pathways in the field of Early Childhood Development (ECD).

Early Childhood in Times of Rapid Change addressed issues of concern to societies across the globe that are experiencing rapid changes which affect children, their families and the practitioners working alongside them. Living, as we do, in a more interconnected and interdependent world the stability of our economies and societies are impacted by factors beyond our borders; the effects of conflict, migration, climate change and epidemics in once remote countries can now have repercussions in local communities. In such challenging times, the conference invited participants to explore issues related to four thematic strands:

  • Meaningful Learning for Children
  • Meaningful Preparation of the Workforce
  • Meaningful Support for Families
  • Meaningful Use of Technology

With more than 100 sessions and guests from over 48 countries from across the globe participating, the ISSA Conference 2016 proved to be an inclusive and vibrant learning environment.

The conference was organized in partnership with the Center for Innovative Education, Lithuania and with generous support from the Open Society Foundations.

Conference was great opportunity to introduce the project START to broader public. The project  was launched under the thematic strand Meaningful Preparation of the Workforce- Ideas Lab – Connecting the Dots.

You can find the presentation materials HERE.