Final event, Brussels 2019

International Symposium for Innovative Practices, Policy Makers and Stakeholders – Transitions: making schools ready for young children and families

International symposium was held as the final event in the START project. Under the leadership of the Belgian partner VBJK, the consortium organised the event in Brussels, in the premises of the Flemish Government.

Around 90 preschool and primary school professionals, policy makers and other interested stakeholders attended the symposium, where partners presented the project, its intellectual outputs and final results on the topic of transitions across the home environment, early childhood services and primary schools, which was researched in the framework of the project. All results are available here:

We were pleased to have the opportunity to listen to policy makers from different countries: representative of the European Commision, Ms. Geraldine Libreau, Ms. Sara De Meerlee, Leen Ardui, and Filip Winderickx from Belgium, Ms. Francesca Puglisi from Italy and Ms. Brigita Mark from Slovenia. The panel was facilitated by Prof. Dr. ichel Vandenbroeck from the University of Ghent.

In the afternoon, researchers and practitioners from partner institutions held round tables, where they discussed their work in their pilots in each country.
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Interim meeting, Ghent

Country leading partners met in Ghent in order to work on the final outputs and on the organsation of the project’s final event, which will take place in Brussels, on 26th April 2019.

We invite you to follow our website to see when you can register to the event, where you will hear more about our final outputs.


START International Symposium: 26 April 2019, Brussels


On Friday, 26 April 2019, the START consortium is organizing an international symposium, where partners will present the project and its results with implications for practice and policies, which were developed based on their experience during the project.

The event will offer the opportunity to listen and open a dialogue with researchers and practitioners of different countries on the pedagogical guidance of transitional practices.

Programme: International Symposium for Innovative Practices, Policy Makers and Stakeholders

Interim meeting, Bologna May 2018

In May, members of the consortium gathered in Bologna for a three-day interim meeting.

The first day we went to Vignola, where we visited preschool “Collodi” and primary school “Moro”. ECEC practitioners and primary school teachers cooperate with us in the project, therefore it was a great opportunity to see in person the environment, which is researched within START. We were also invited to the International Children’s Theatre Festival in Marano where we enjoyed in a great musical about Mary Poppins, performed by local pupils.

The following two days were dedicated to discussions on further action-plans for the last period of the project.



START at the 2nd International Early Childhood Action Congress

congres-2018-accueil-mobile-enA representative of the START project, Katrien Van Laere from the partner organisation VBJK, will present our project experiences at the 2nd International Early Childhood Action Congress hosted by OECD in June 2018.
The focus theme of the Congress is the transition to schools – providing equity, quality and innovation. In order to fight against inequalities, capitalising on education and promoting a nurturing education via the establishment of an educational continuum is essential.
Based on the latest research in neuroscience, the overall vision of the Congress is to expand knowledge and question the key ingredients of an effective educational continuum benefiting children from birth to school entry. The overall objective is for stakeholders to explore, unite and build a sound consensus on key action points & practices bridging educational policies and on-the-ground methods.
We invite you to watch Katrien Van Laere’s presentation.

Training week in Tišina, December 2017

2017-12-07-Start@Caroline.Boudry.VBJK (222) © C. Boudry

The second international training week was held in Tišina (Slovenia) and was hosted by Primary school Tišina in cooperation with the Educational Research Institute. There were 30 ECEC practitioners, primary school teachers and researchers from England, Belgium, Italy and Slovenia participating in the training.

The main topics of the week were observation and reflection.

See our week in the photos below:

START presentation at the EECERA Conference

Arianna Lazzari, Monica Lavini, Eddie McKinnon, Angela Malcolm, Katrien Van Laere and Mateja Režek have cooperated in preparation of the project presentation at the EECERA Conference in Bologna.

The presenters have successfully attracted many participants with the topic of transition, which was discussed from different points of views: from children’s perspectives, the voices of families along with practitioners and teachers.
Congratulations on the well prepared symposium!