2016 and 2017:

  • In April, a workshop for the visiting delegation GO!, which is an official state organisation responsible for preschool, primary and secondary school education in Flanders (Belgium) was held to promote our work through institutional research collaborations nationally and internationally.
  • Several trainings for preschool and primary school teachers were organised by Bologna province’s municipalities with the purpose of connecting the experimentation carried out in the Italian case study (D.D. Vignola) to continuity projects implemented in local preschool and school institutions and create opportunities for activating networks.


  • UNIBO representatives conducted a training workshop for early childhood and primary school teachers organised by the Department of Humanities – Pavia University, by the National Early Childhood Education and Care Association and by ZeroSeiUp training and consultancy in order to disseminate the objectives and actions of the START through well-estabished practitioners’ networks locally and nationally.
  • A wide spectre of audience in Italy and worldwide can follow the activities of our project on the partner UNIBO’s website (in Italian) and in English.
  • For the Italian speaking audience, read about more about our work here: Practitioners professional development