Kinderdagverblijf Mezennestje – Inclusive Early Childhood Education Centre

63 places, age 0 to 3
40 places, age 2,5 to 12
(combined with school)

1/3 places: disadvantaged families, neighbourhood
2/3 places: advantaged families (cfr hospital nearby)

Cooperation with “Mensen voor Mensen” People for People: Self advocacy group

  • NOT: give food/clothes/money to poor people
  • human rights perspective
  • people in poverty take the word
  • solidarity: people in poverty and non-poverty together
  • dialogue
  • dignity and power of people living in poverty central
  • policy recommendations (partnerships and politics)
  • 20 years experience in education/ working with
  • parents and their children

Focus Mezennestje/Mensen voor Mensen in START-project:

  • Focus: the transition between ECEC and school (kindergarten) for children and their
    families, and the transition from home to school
  • Motivation: in earlier projects Mezennestje and Mensen voor Mensen focused on
    accessibility of ECEC for families who live in poverness. We succeeded in building strong relationships with these families. When they left the ECEC to go to school, it feels like a sudden stop of the support they got in the ECEC. Support and strong relationships need to be continued at school! We also feel that for other families too, the transition to school can be a shock. They are also longing for a warm and soft transition! A good start creates more equal chances for every child!
  • In the local project we work closely together with SMI Moorselbaan. We serve the same neighbourhood. This is a great and unique opportunity.

Additional material: