Educational Research Institute (ERI)

The Educational Research Institute (ERI) is the central research institution in Slovenia for research in education. It undertakes basic research, development and applied projects on issues of current interest in all sectors of education and related areas. Centre for quality in education Step by Step, is one of the 8 research centres operating within ERI. It was established to research, develop, initiate, implement, evaluate and promote various activities in the educational field, which support educational reform processes in public schools in Slovenia.

The Center’s programs are based on principles of democratic civil society, children’s rights and child centered approaches, contemporary knowledge of child development and learning abilities and knowledge about implementing changes into the educational system. Main Center’s activities are focused on ongoing professional development and assuring high quality programs in preschools and elementary schools for all children; trainings for preschool and school teachers, school counselors and principals and connecting them in professional learning communities and networks. Centre is strongly focused in the action research, supporting ECEC professionals in exploring and researching their practice.

With long tradition in researching concept of soft transition between different educational environments, the focus within the START project will be supporting ECEC professionals from OŠ Tišina to explore possiblities and develop new ways of soft transition for Romani children from home to preschool and later in primary school.