Training week in Corby, December 2016

Corby, 12 – 16 December 2016

Partners from all cooperating countries attended a training week in Corby.

The first day we talked about parents being involved in their children’s learning and learned about Pen Green Loop ( a model developed to maximise the dialogue between parents and nursery staff about learning. It provides for a continuous two-way flow of information from nursery to home and from home to nursery. The loop shows the child at the centre).

The next day we discussed pedagogic strategies and parent case studies.

On the third day we visited Pen Green and the local primary schools.

The fourth day was dedicated to an interactive learning session on Action Research methodology in national language groups. We discussed what Action Research is, how and why should we do it. Afterwards, we considered how to apply Action Research in the START project localities and settings.

The last day we consolidated the week’s learning and evaluated the training process.

See our week in the photos below:

Training Corby part 1

Training Corby part 2

Training Corby part 3

Training Corby part 4



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