Cooperation in Belgium

We are conducting an action research with employees of childcare centre Mezennestje (P9 -in collaboration with the associated partner, advocay poverty organisation Mensen voor Mensen NGO) and pre- and primary school Kolva (P10 -Sint-Maartensinstituut, Moorselbaan). This action research is facilitated and guided by VBJK, a Centre for Innovation in the Early Years (P4). Basing ourselves on the literature review (o1) and problem analysis previously conducted by many stakeholders, we are focusing on how to create a warm and inclusive transition for a diversity of children and families, including societal disadvantaged children . Since in Belgium preschool education often starts from the assumption that all children have attended childcare, we specifically ask ourselves how ECEC services can work together and learn from each other to take care of a diversity of children & families with different previous experiences at all times, irrespective of their cultural or socio-economical background.


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