Developing transitional activities for Romani children and their families for smoothing the transition between home and institutional environment

The case study will explore transitions of Romani children from their home environment to preschool and later to primary school.  In this context, professional development initiatives provided to preschool, primary school teachers and Romani para-professionals will be aimed at developing transitional activities for Romani children, parents and preschool and primary school teachers.  The case study will be carried out in Primary School Tišina (which is comprehensive institution, integrating the preschool) and in Roma settlement, from which Romani children come to pre/primary school. The case study will focus on children aged 4-5 – those who are attending preschool and also those who do not attend it.

Aim of various transitional activities will be to establish trust between Romani families and pre/primary school teachers . Activities will be differentiated depending on whether children are enrolled in preschool or not ( workshops in the Roma settlement, preschool and school, also home visits).

The pedagogical guidance and coaching activities  to preschool, primary school teachers and Romani para-professionals  will be provided by ERI researchers through:

  • trainings in workshops, based on perceived needs;
  • observations during the implementation of transitional activities in Roma settlement, preschool and primary school;
  • feedback on the implementation of transitional activities and pedagogical guidance (monitoring).

Doing this, activities  will influence professional development of  involved teachers  and contribute to better school practices on the field of transition.

In order to find ways to foster the continuation of transition activities after the end of the project and to ensure long-term sustainability of innovative practices, activities for connecting Tišina school with representatives of the local community will also take place.

The case study report will be published as open-access resource on the project web-site and its related materials – consisting of the documentation of the experimentation carried out in the school – will be published on Tišina school’s web page (in slovenian language)  as well on ERI webpage and social networks’ profiles.